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Welcome, thank you for visiting my site!

I'm Nísa, I'm a self-taught digital artist from Northern Ireland. 

I've been drawing all my life, but really started pursuing art as a business while I was undergoing cancer treatment at 17.

I'm in recovery now, thankfully, but I hope to keep drawing!

I've been involved with several collaborative projects over the years, and I've been fortunate enough to be able to contribute to some larger projects: my art was featured by Duolingo at DuoCon 2022, and my art appears in a game available on most major platforms. I've also been involved with conventions in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the USA.

I'm a wanderer and a dreamer, with a passion for being alive ☀

I hope my art will be a reflection of the things I love, feel, and the things that inspire me. I'd be so grateful if you'd follow along for the journey!

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