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bust / head-and-shoulders

Head-and-shoulder pieces which can be cut off anywhere between the chin and the tops of the chest. Great for showcasing expressions, facial details, close-ups, etc.


sketch (no colour) - £20

flat coloured sketch - £25

shaded sketch - £30

linework (no colour) - £40

flat colours - £45

waist-up / thigh-up 


These pieces can extend down to either the waist or to the mid-thigh, depending on personal preference, and shows a little more of the body without losing the details of the face.


sketch (no colour) - £40

flat coloured sketch - £45

shaded sketch - £55

linework (no colour) - £55

flat colours - £65



References are typically done with a simple pose and flat shading, so that others can easily see exactly what your character looks like. We can design your character together, or create a reference for an existing design!


I don't offer sketches or linework prices for references, just due to the nature of it. However, we can add things like extra expressions, weapons or props, details, etc.

full body


These pieces cover the full body and are great for pieces when you want to show all aspects of a design, show their attitude, or place a character within a scene.


sketch (no colour) - £50

flat coloured sketch - £60

shaded sketch - £70

linework (no colour) - £75

flat colours - £90

chibis £65


Perfect for avatars, stickers, con tables or any kind of cute display that doesn't require maximum details.

Only available as a fully shaded piece.


(please enquire)


Whether it's a character's bedroom, a moody night-time scene, a background or something different - I love working on environment pieces, especially hiding little easter eggs in them.

Prices vary depending on complexity.


This list is NOT EXHAUSTIVE! I have experience working on everything from Twitch displays to vtuber designs.

If you're looking for something else that's not listed here, please get in touch!

  • I reserve the right to charge extra for especially intricate/detailed work. This is at my own discretion, and will be fully discussed with the client. Please see my full TOS.

  • I work on a first-come-first-served basis and I am unable to hold spots until payment is received. You will always be informed of queue updates, potential slow-downs, etc.


  • Backgrounds, props etc. will differ in price from case to case. 

  • For every additional character, I will charge 75% of the basic price. 

  • Character design costs extra. This will be discussed at the time of inquiry.

  • Both character design and background works may involve a flexible price. This means that we set a price for the piece before work begins, but if during the process we find that the work involved in the piece goes beyond what that original price covers, we may have to add on to it. This will be discussed at the time of inquiry, including budget limitations.

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