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THE SECOND BATCH OF CHARMS has a slightly different set up - exactly the same charms, but one large jumpring rather than three to prevent them separating and falling apart. The keyring is also attached with a clear plastic loop to keep it safe and secure too. They don't look much different at all - but just so you are aware! The photos shown here are of the original batch!


Printed onto clear 3mm acrylic (double sided), these charms hang together on a three-loop chain between them. Each charm is 2" in size, individually.
Inspired by the aftermath of the fight scene in s6e5, 'The Black Paladins', we have the shading that comes over them in streaks from the scene, and all colours are swatched directly from this scene for authenticity! On the back, we have the beautiful quote 'as many times as it takes', with the phrase spread over the two charms to reflect on the fact that they complete one another- just like sheith. 

I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do!!

VLD sheith acrylic keyring - s6e5 inspired

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